Saturday, October 23, 2010

recycled style

I recently purchased an amazing blazer from express on sale for $40. Its black with slightly pointed shoulders. I was very excited because i am very into geometric right now. Looking for some guidence as to what i should wear this with, i grabbed some fashion magazines. Flipping through the pages i noticed that fashion today is completely recycled. Taking summer/spring clothes and just layering them to create winter clothes. With todays economy not too many people can afford regular maintenance on fashion or their hair for that matter. Just as with fashion, im finding that you can take an out grown haircut or color and just by changing one thing make it updated and modern. Long hair can be dolled up with a nice strong bang. Shorter styles might just need some quick maintence around the neck and ears. Over grown highlights can be spruced up with layering a shear tinted gloss over it. Same goes for all over color. You can easily have some low lights or highlights painted through the old color to add dimention and break up that awful line of demarcation. Right now the "grown out" look is very in.

Ive also realized that i always feel more spruced up just by adding some red lipstick or tinted lip gloss to myself before heading out. I just started consulting for Arbonne. A vegan/green/botanical based health wellness and beauty company. They have everything from shampoo to lipstick to vitamins. Ive been really happy with their selection of lipsticks and tints.

Tomorrow at the salon i think i am going to incorporate all of these things into my day. How exciting. ID#18705952

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  1. Love your writing Darlene. And thank you for the stylistic tips!